First Day of the Trip: Harrisonburg,VA

Leaving Harrisonburg

Desolation of Baileyton

The Point, A Hotel and Us

Alabama and Memphis

Pictures from Texas

Update from San Antonio

Good Pictures from Texas

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NASA and the Deep South

Thank You


Just Say No to Pipelines


Spring at Dartmouth

About the Grant Internship

Grant Update Number One

Official Grant Guest List

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Gear that Keeps Me Going

Pictures from Montreal

About the Grant Internship

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15Fleeing Hanover: Union Kitchen

From the Archive — RV :: Taurus

From Harrison(burg) to Washington D.C.

WMATA + Mindfulness

Classical Music is a Cold Dead Place


The Internet of Things [The Dartmouth]

On Writing: Prague


Cor(Bot) – A Bot that Celebrates Type 1 Errors

Focusing on Methods

My Relationship with The Dartmouth

FizzBuzz, but with Statistics Machine Learning


Part 1: Metablogging, A Five-Year Retrospective

Part 2: Metacognition, Here's to Five More Years

Talking Heads, Talking Adulthood

A Brief Survey of Formal and Informal Tools for Predicting the Future [pdf]

What Happened to Raven House? [The Dartmouth]

Impothesis Testing