15Fleeing Hanover

When I arrived in Hanover for the Fall 2015 term, I expected to be there fore the long-haul. My d-plan schedule had me going to school for six terms in a row. I had been exploring internship possibilities, but I had no expectations of getting an internship as early as the next term. However, not everything goes as one would expect.

One of the companies that I was most interested in was named Union Kitchen. Union Kitchen is a startup incubator aimed at growing local, food-based startups in the Washington D.C. area. They operate a king-sized kitchen, where new food businesses can cook large batches of their creations. They also do consulting and help the fledgling businesses market and develop their products. I have always been infatuated by the idea of startup companies. The disruption and innovation that defines startups simply cannot be found in other types of businesses. What makes Union Kitchen even better is that it has quite a few ties to Dartmouth. One of the cofounders is an alum, and several of their interns have been Dartmouth students. When I received an email from Union Kitchen, I knew I had to take their offer. At Union Kitchen, I will be working with their distribution team, where I will help to onboard new products, maintain an online catalogue, and promote the sale of member products.

6 Weeks, 5 leeches, 3 Showers, 2nd College Grant. #TevaTan (Perhaps, this picture might indicate that there will be a new update on the Grant Research ... I dare not reveal it now.)

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In order to take up this internship, I am taking off the Winter 2015 term at Dartmouth. Although I will be missing Winter Carnival and Collin may get a new mystery roommate, I think that the experience of working at such a great company, and my time in D.C. will be extremely enriching.