Some Pictures From Texas

We are currently camping right outside of Austin, TX in McKinney Falls State Park. We would have stayed at the Burke Family residence right outside of Dallas for longer, however, we quickly realized that the "Big D" is not the town for us... One wrong turn, and some scary stuff starts appearing outside of your car window. Also, despite multiple guidebooks saying the contrary, Dallas's Fair Park is not a nice place to visit. In fact, it's closed (and it's not actually a park).

Here's some photos from some recent happenings:

We ran into "Czech-as"

We found some sunflowers on the side of a highway

We drove 85 miles per hour... legally on the fastest highway in 'Merica

We finally found a place in Texas that fulfilled all of our vegatation stereotypes.

We read some signs, and didn't die

I ran after Bambi

We hiked into the wrong neck of the woods

And we're still camping