From Harrison(burg) to Washington D.C.

The first several weeks of my Union Kitchen Internship have been very exciting. I have learned a lot about how businesses operate in the real world. I especially enjoy hearing about the success of our incubator Members. Having so many wonderful people around me is energizing, and, even though my commute is long, I alway am happy to walk in the doors of Union Kitchen.

One exciting benefit of living in NOVA is that I am close enough to Eastern Mennonite University, where Harrison (from the roadtrip detailed in the early posts of this blog) goes.

On the DC Metro.

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This last weekend, Harrison and I explored the city. Empowered by the knowledge afforded to me during my internship, we found delicious pizza at Timber Pizza Company's popup, went on a tour of Union Kitchen, and drank refreshing hibiscus tea at Union Market (of no relation to Union Kitchen).

Harrison and I ate pizza. 🍕@unionkitchendc @timberpizzaco

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